Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage for Businesses in Dubbo


Simmo Signs works on signage and branding materials for your company and personal vehicles. Turn your vehicle into a mobile advertising platform and give your business a leg up in the local marketplace.
Vehicle Wrap — Vehicle Signage in Dubbo, QLD

Vehicle Wraps

Our team can work with you to design and apply vinyl to your company vehicles. You can get full wrapping or application of a smaller vinyl design.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are durable and give a refined, professional look to your vehicles. You’ll inspire greater confidence in your customers when you pull up to their location in a branded company van, truck or car. No vehicle is too small or too large for us to work on and apply full vinyl wrapping with your designs and branding.

If you’re in the market for simple decals for a vehicle fleet or personal car, we also do small vinyl applications. These are individual designs that look great by themselves. You can put them anywhere on the vehicle without needing to apply vinyl all over, making them a great option for lower budget branding enhancements.
Student Driver Car Magnet Branding — Vehicle Signage in Dubbo, QLD

Magnetic Branding

Along with our vinyl vehicle wraps, Simmo Signs can print car magnets for you. These can be placed on any type of vehicle, as long as it’s got the right surface area to support a tight magnetic hold.

Any design can be printed on a car magnet. Go with something simple like a logo or have a custom design made specifically for your cars.
Curve Turn Safety Signage — Vehicle Signage in Dubbo, QLD

Safety & Traffic Signs

To support the development and maintenance of roads in NSW, we can create signage for the roadsides. This includes roadworks signs that protect construction workers and traffic control signs of any kind.

Along with making the signs, we offer full installations when required. We can make and install traffic control signs from a wide range of materials. Our durable signs will last for years, enduring any weather conditions NSW brings.